Supply Room
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The disinfection supply center is responsible for the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of surgical instruments, oral instruments, and the dispensing of disposable sterilized articles in our hospital. It is located on the first floor of the administrative office building and covers an area of 210 square meters. With the expansion of the hospital, the increase of the business, according to the April 2009 issued by the national committee of the ministry of health, the hospital infection control standard "standard of hospital disinfection supply center management" requirement, in September 2010, our hospital disinfection supply room for process modification, strictly divided into general workspace, pollution, clean, sterile area, have practical barriers between regions, forced abortion, logistics, prevent cross infection. The center has 8 nursing staff, including 1 assistant director nurse, 1 supervisor nurse and 6 nurses, with a bachelor's degree of 65%, all of whom have been professionally trained and have the certificate of disinfection worker. New equipment: one automatic pulsating vacuum sterilizer, one quick automatic cleaning machine, one set of water treatment equipment, one quick biological culture reader, ultrasonic cleaning machine, medical instrument disinfection machine, drying box, high-pressure water gun, air gun, etc. Strengthen the quality management, establish and improve the disinfection supply center rules and regulations, standardize the post operation rules and quality standards, strictly implement the quality monitoring system, sterilization qualified rate of 100%. To ensure safe clinical use, our department sets up the service concept of "meeting clinical needs", implements the work system of receiving and sending, truly returns the time to nurses and nurses to patients, and provides a strong backing for the implementation of "quality nursing project" and the control of nosocomial infection. Can study, etc.