Inspection Room
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Discipline inspection inspection office working system

1. According to relevant laws, regulations and systems, supervise and inspect the implementation of national laws, regulations, policies and decisions by the supervised objects, as well as the implementation of hospital resolutions, decisions and rules and regulations, and protect their exercise of functions and powers according to law.

2. Assist the Party Committee and the Commission for Discipline Inspection to strengthen the construction of party conduct and clean government, and implement the supervision responsibility of the construction of party conduct and clean government.

3. Responsible for the education of party members' party conduct and discipline, supervise and investigate and punish party organizations and party members' violation of discipline and law and cases.

4. Responsible for the supervision of hospital staff.

5. Responsible for complaint reporting, reception of visitors, and handling of reports, charges and appeals against disciplinary violations committed by hospital staff.

6. Responsible for the supervision and supervision of staff recruitment, examination, professional title evaluation, cadre selection and appointment, capital construction and repair projects, equipment and materials procurement, medical procurement and other bidding work.

7. Responsible for the supervision and management of important work, important tasks and system implementation of the hospital.

8. Responsible for the supervision and inspection of the publicity of Party and hospital affairs.

9. To inspect and handle cases in which Party organizations or members violate the Constitution of the Party and other regulations within the Party; Investigate and deal with the behavior of the staff and workers violating the rules of the hospital.

Uphold democratic centralism, collective discussion and decision on major issues, open handling of affairs, and open, fair and just handling of problems.

11, adhere to the principles, maintain discipline, not favoritism, impartial enforcement of discipline, diligent clean government.

12. Completing other tasks assigned by the Hospital Party Committee, administration, discipline inspection Commission and higher discipline inspection and supervision authorities.

Inspection office job responsibilities

(I) responsibilities of inspection office director

1. Presided over the daily work of inspection office and paid attention to the administrative supervision of the hospital.

2. According to the requirements of the central work and supervision of the hospital, formulate work plans and organize their implementation.

3. Cooperate with the secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection to do a good job in the supervision and implementation of the construction of the hospital's party style and clean government and the construction of the professional ethics of the industry, and carry out the publicity and education work for the supervision objects to be honest, law-abiding and serve the people wholeheartedly.

4. Inspectors shall inspect the compliance and implementation of national laws and regulations, guidelines and policies, and hospital rules and regulations by the monitored objects.

5. Accept letters and visits; accept complaints and complaints against the supervised objects; cooperate with the Commission for Discipline Inspection to investigate and deal with cases of violation of laws and regulations.

6. Organize business study and theoretical discussion to improve the comprehensive quality and professional level of supervisory cadres.

7. Participate in and supervise the main work and economic activities of the hospital.

8. Complete other tasks assigned by the leaders and superior supervisory organs of the hospital.

(2) Job duties of the supervisors

1. Carry out the principles and policies of discipline inspection and supervision, follow discipline according to law, seek truth from facts, handle affairs impersonally, strictly observe discipline, keep secrets, and dare to fight against unhealthy tendencies and violations of laws and disciplines.

2. Drafted inspection office work plan, summary, notification and other documents.

3. Accept letters and visits, reports and complaints, keep records, put forward preliminary handling opinions and Suggestions, and timely report to the director.

4. Assist the director to supervise and inspect the party conduct and discipline, clean government construction and professional ethics, etc.

5. In-depth practical investigation and research, and put forward constructive opinions and Suggestions for discipline inspection and supervision work.

6. Responsible for the coordination between inspection office and various departments.

7. Responsible for the preparation and recording of inspection office meetings.

8. Responsible for urging and finishing the system documents of the Commission for Discipline Inspection.

9. Perform other tasks assigned by leaders.