Control sense office
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Responsibilities of control office

1. According to the regulations and standards on nosocomial infection management of the national and local health administrative departments, formulate the hospital nosocomial infection control plan and work plan, organize the formulation of regulations and quality inspection standards for nosocomial infection management of the hospital and all departments.

2. Put forward construction Suggestions for the reconstruction, expansion and new facilities of the hospital in accordance with the relevant hygienic standards and the requirements for the prevention of nosocomial infection stipulated in the General Hospital Building Standards.

3. Formulated the hospital infection training plan, and took charge of the training and assessment of the knowledge and skills of prevention and control of hospital infection for all levels of staff. Responsible for the training of inspectors. To be responsible for the training of new hospitalized personnel, practicing doctors and nurses.

4. Timely analyze the incidence of nosocomial infection and the supervision and monitoring of the environmental hygiene, disinfection and sterilization effect of the hospital, discover problems, formulate control measures and supervise the implementation.

5. In case of an outbreak of nosocomial infection, it shall be reported to the higher health administration department in a timely manner and shall be responsible for reporting to the President. Relevant personnel shall be organized for investigation, and effective control measures shall be formulated and implemented.

6. Participate in the administration of antimicrobial agents by the Pharmaceutical Administration Committee.

7. Responsible for the standard acceptance of nosocomial infection in key departments and departments such as operating room, supply room, hemodialysis room, endoscopy room and stomatology department.

8. Timely report the dynamics of nosocomial infection control to the competent leaders and the nosocomial infection management Committee, and inform the whole hospital.

9. Provide guidance to medical staff on occupational health and safety protection in the prevention of nosocomial infection.