General Services Section
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General Affairs Section job responsibilities

1. Responsible for organizing all the staff to learn politics and business, and educating the staff to establish the idea of serving for the first line of medical treatment. We will improve our political and professional quality, and adhere to the system of sending, checking and revising documents. Strive to improve service attitude and quality.

2. Responsible for the overall planning and maintenance of houses and equipment, material supply and meals for workers and sick staff. Achieve: timely maintenance and timely supply, to ensure the living and medical needs of workers and patients.

3. Responsible for examining and approving expenditure plans and reimbursement procedures of general Affairs Section. Do: strict control, in line with financial regulations.

4. Responsible for personnel adjustment, personnel transfer in and out of the General Affairs Section, and the employment approval of temporary workers, and make sure that the staff can be reasonably allocated according to the work needs.

5. Responsible for making work plans and work summaries. Achieve: annual plan, monthly and weekly arrangement, year-end summary, half a year summary. Talent training is planned and arranged.

6. Supervise and inspect the management of the house and fixed assets of the hospital. Accomplish financial complete, account content accords with, every year check is opposite account.