Security Section
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Working system of security Department

1. Carry out national laws and regulations on public security and carry out grassroots work of public security and security.

2. Carry out the publicity and education of the socialist legal system and public security work, and enhance the legal concept of the staff and workers and their consciousness of consciously maintaining the public security and order of the unit.

3. The organization and implementation of the security system shall be undertaken by the hospital.

4. Select and assign security personnel as required, and provide necessary funds and material support for public security work.

5. Carry out public security prevention work such as fire prevention, theft prevention, robbery prevention, explosion prevention, destruction prevention and fraud prevention, loss and disclosure prevention, public security disaster prevention, etc.

6. To prevent and stop illegal and criminal ACTS and maintain the stability of the hospital.

7. Timely report criminal cases, public security cases, public security disasters and accidents happened in the hospital to the public security organs, protect the scene, and assist the public security organs to carry out investigation.

8. Report the major destabilizing factors to the public security organ, and assist the public security organ and relevant departments to take preventive and mitigating measures.

9. Assist relevant departments of the unit to do a good job in helping and educating illegal personnel, and mediate internal security disputes.

10. Assist the public security organ in managing the temporary residents and other outsiders of the unit.

11. Lead the prevention and treatment of the masses in the hospital and organize the public security work.

12. Responsible for organizing the construction and maintenance of physical and technical defense facilities.

13. Responsible for the safety management of key parts of the hospital, regularly carry out security and security inspection, establish inspection records, timely resolve internal instability factors and eliminate security risks.

14. Participating in the comprehensive management of public security organized by the local organizations.

15. Other tasks of public security as stipulated by laws and regulations of the State.