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The pharmacy department of our hospital was established at the beginning of the hospital in 1955. Besides the Pharmacy of Xicheng pharmacy, the most characteristic one is the processing factory of decoction pieces and the pharmacy of Traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces. At that time, Chinese medicine yinpian were thumb himself in the drug market purchasing raw materials, through the processing plant choice, boring, cutting, cooking Fried gun main methods, such as processing and then put into use, completely is a traditional manual mill processing, but retain the processing method of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the most primitive yinpian curative effect are superior in nature, this kind of processing methods continue to the mid - eighty - s, gradually atrophic, retain only a part of the outsourcing quality difficult to guarantee the varieties, such as cultivated land, mountain cornus, cowherb seed, etc., in the early ninety s is completely purchase slices according to pharmacopoeia requirements.

At the beginning of its establishment, there were less than 10 people in the pharmacy department, but li Zongjiang, the director of Da Ren Tang, led and inherited the pharmacy department. This way of inheritance brought up that everyone in the pharmacy department was an expert in the identification, dispensing and processing of Traditional Chinese medicine, and passed on from generation to generation, which promoted the pharmacy department to develop and grow continuously.

The Pharmacy department has 74 professional and technical personnel, including 5 with the title of deputy senior high or above and 12 with the title of intermediate level. There are 22 persons with bachelor degree or above and 2 persons with master degree. Strong technical force, reasonable talent team, TCM decoction pieces of various forms (bulk, boutique, small package, formula particles) coexist, to meet the needs of different patients for decoction pieces, outpatient prescriptions of TCM decoction pieces accounted for about 50% of outpatient prescriptions, annual sales of about 50 million.

Currently, Pharmacy department is a member of the national key specialist cooperation group and a key discipline construction unit in Shaanxi Province.

For a long time we pay attention to the quality of decoction pieces, to the quality of curative effect. Bulk yinpiece-dispensary selects high-quality yinpiece-dispensary, high-quality yinpiece-dispensary selects goods from Tongrentang Bozhou Co., LTD. At the same time, we strictly control the quality of decoction pieces, and set up an acceptance team. At present, the quality of decoction pieces is the best in Shaanxi province, which is well received by patients and clinicians. Standardization for the construction of decocting rooms: all decoctions are made under atmospheric pressure, and the quality of decoctions is the same as that of manual decoctions. The decocting work pays attention to the management of links, with detailed and traceable process data. Pharmacy department presided over 5 projects above the municipal level, including 2 science and technology Bureau, a provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese medicine, a municipal Academy of Social Sciences, a provincial science and technology Department. It has successively undertaken three training courses on the work of decocting rooms in the province and one senior training course on the management of Traditional Chinese medicine, training about 800 person-time.

Our pharmacy department will continue to uphold: shang Shan Hong Ren, Hou DE Jing shu, serve the general public, benefit the people's hospital purpose and the hospital training of DE Cheng, industry jing, inheritance, innovation, with high quality drug quality and quality service, for the patients to relieve pain.

Rational drug use guarantee team: drug quality is the guarantee of curative effect, and safe drug use is our aim. Three chief pharmacists provide technical support for our rational drug use.

Western Patent medicine team: young and energetic team, they work rigorously, positive, highly enterprising spirit, they look forward to serving you.

TCM decoction piece dispensating team: "taste although expensive will not dare to reduce material resources, processing although numerous will not dare to save labor." Is our service tenet, fast and accurate adjustment is our requirement.

Decocting room team: Strict standard requirements are the basis to ensure the quality of decoctions and clinical efficacy. Adhering to the service tenet of "people are doing, while heaven is watching", we adhere to the standard second decoction, so that patients can have the same curative effect as traditional self-decocting medicine.

Pharmacy department working system

1. Earnestly implement the national regulations on drug administration and the "Code of Ethics for Medical Personnel", organize the staff in the undergraduate section to carry out professional study and medical ethics education, and provide the hospital with safe, effective and reasonable drug protection for medical treatment, teaching and scientific research.

2. Responsible for the administrative and technical management of the pharmacy department of the hospital, formulated the development plan and management system of the undergraduate department, and organized its implementation.

3, according to the needs of our hospital medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, and actively organize undergraduate personnel to do a good job of drug dispensing, preparation: according to our "basic drugs directory", leading the group room for drug purchase plan, completes the drug storage, supply and debit card registration, net accounts statistics, dispensing, preparation work, supervise, and strict management.

4. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of clinical medication, establish and improve the drug quality inspection and inspection system, and resolutely prevent fake and low-quality drugs from entering hospitals.

5. Actively publicizing the knowledge of drug use, supervising the rational and scientific use of drugs in the clinical departments, and assisting the clinical trials and research of new drugs and the efficacy evaluation of listed drugs: responsible for collecting toxic and side effects of drugs, reporting to the drug administration committee of the hospital and the drug administration department regularly, and putting forward Suggestions on improving and eliminating drugs.

6. Closely cooperate with clinical practice, actively apply new technologies, organize pharmaceutical technicians to carry out scientific research on new Chinese and Western medicine preparations.

7. Presided over the development of training plans for business and technical personnel, refresher personnel and interns, and responsible for technical assessment and business training of undergraduate personnel.