Outpatient Department
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Working system of outpatient department

1. Under the leadership of the President and vice President in charge, be responsible for the administration of outpatient medical treatment, nursing, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health education and environmental hygiene.

2. Responsible for the implementation and inspection of outpatient consultation, as well as the organization and coordination of first aid, critical care and rescue of difficult and difficult patients.

3. Responsible for the standardized management of the outpatient departments, coordinating the relationship between the outpatient departments, checking and urging the staff on the implementation of operating procedures and rules and regulations, so as to facilitate patients to seek treatment and strictly prevent errors and accidents.

4. Inspect the opening of outpatient departments on time every day, maintain the normal order of the outpatient department, check and correct the writing of outpatient log on a daily basis, regularly check the medical records and prescriptions of outpatient departments, correct problems in time, and strictly prevent errors in diagnosis and treatment. Report to the quality control form of outpatient department according to the requirements of hospital comprehensive assessment.

5. Inspect and supervise the disinfection and isolation of the outpatient department to prevent cross-infection; timely correct problems found in key inspections of surgery, gynecology, facial features, oral cavity, pediatric department, emergency treatment, liver disease and acupuncture; supervise and supervise the registration and reporting of infectious diseases in the outpatient department.

6. Strictly observe the relevant provisions, and manage the examination, seal, registration and retention of the diagnosis certificate, sick leave certificate and death certificate.

7. Responsible for the management of publicity, health education and health publicity column information replacement in the outpatient building.

8. Responsible for the proportion and workload statistics, accounting and reporting of drugs in each outpatient department every month, supervise and supervise the diagnosis and treatment standards of each outpatient department.

9. Coordinate the letters, visits and doctor-patient disputes from patients affiliated to the outpatient department, maintain the normal order of the outpatient medical work, timely feed back the collected information to relevant departments, urge improvement and improve the quality of the outpatient work.

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