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The nursing discipline of Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the national key clinical specialty and the key specialty of the "12th Five-Year Plan" of The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the only national key nursing specialty project in the municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shaanxi Province. The hospital has 30 nursing units, with 636 nurses in total and 53 with senior professional titles. There are 2 tutors for nursing masters and 13 postgraduates. The nursing staff above junior college level accounts for more than 96% of the total nursing team of the hospital. It has won the honorary titles such as the first National Advanced Nursing Unit of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the National Advanced Unit of High-quality nursing Service of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, the Advanced Unit of High-quality nursing Service of Shaanxi Province, the Health guardian of Patients touched by Shaanxi Province, the Advanced Unit of high-quality nursing Service of Xi 'an, Xi 'an Women Civilization Post and Xi 'an 54 Youth Medal Group.

Focus on specialty construction and promote discipline development

Nursing subjects since 2012 by the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine as "twelfth five-year" key specialty cultivation project, again in 2013 by the national health development planning commission awarded national clinical key subject construction projects, implementation of the development of the nursing time and time again leap, marks the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine nursing science into a rapid development track. Over the years, under the care and support of leaders at all levels, the hospital has made outstanding achievements by taking the specialty construction as an opportunity, focusing on the frontier of discipline development, bold practice and keen innovation, and constantly promoting the development of nursing discipline. In the mid-term evaluation and final acceptance of specialty construction, it has been fully affirmed and unanimously praised by leaders and experts at all levels.

To develop a discipline, scientific research must go first. In recent years, Chinese medicine nursing key specialty construction as the platform, guided by the demands of clinical nursing work, with advantages of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) disease care scheme, TCM nursing characteristic technology innovation application in slow disease management as the main research direction, and actively advocate scientific research and innovation, and create a strong academic atmosphere, dig deep professional connotation, has carried out a number of clinical research work, nursing scientific research both from quantity and quality has a bigger breakthrough, declare and project was successful provincial nursing scientific research topic in recent years, 15 in topic more than 20 items, edited and published book three, ginseng of 5 movies, The research results have won one third prize of Science and technology progress of Shaanxi Province, five national utility model patents, and more than 80 nursing papers have been published in core journals.

Pay attention to talent training, build a fine team

For many years, the hospital has been committed to the creation and cultivation of elite nursing team. It has formulated the development plan for medium and long term nursing talents, launched and implemented the "13331 talent echelon" and the "hundred-person-hundred-day Nursing Talent Training Program", selected nursing backbone to participate in the national TCM nursing backbone talent training program, and established eight nursing professional groups, including critical illness nursing, to build a career development platform for training specialized nurses. The proportion of nursing staff in the hospital receiving systematic training on TCM knowledge and skills reached 92%. In the provincial and municipal traditional Chinese medicine nursing technology competition, won the group first prize, and won the top three individual results. The hospital has always advocated the "people-oriented, love first" cultural management philosophy, in the head nurse team to carry out the "reading a good book activity", in the nurse launched the birthday ceremony, nurse sleep day, magnetic nursing into nursing management, from the subtle care and care for each nurse. After several years of construction, to create a good service, skilled, echelon reasonable fine nursing personnel team.

Strengthen quality safety and improve service quality

First, pay close attention to nursing quality and safety. Implementation of quality and safety refined management, focusing on strengthening the operation room, critical care unit, blood purification and other key departments and weak links such as blood transfusion, medication, midnight, etc., using QCC, PDCA and other management tools to continuously improve the quality of care; Carry out nursing rounds, nursing consultation and difficult cases discussion with traditional Chinese medicine characteristics, and actively carry out TCM nursing quality evaluation work, comprehensively carry out nursing adverse events report incentive mechanism actively, put an end to nursing safety hidden dangers in the bud.

Second, conscientiously implement the responsibility system of holistic care. Adhere to the "patient-centered" service concept, fully implement the responsibility system and holistic nursing, vigorously carry out health education and rehabilitation guidance with Traditional Chinese medicine characteristics, health education coverage rate of 100%, awareness rate of more than 95%; Actively explore and timely promote the door (emergency) diagnosis, operating room quality nursing work; It has successively carried out the selection of satisfactory nurses for patients, nurse-patient communication skills competition, warm service in TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine and other activities, effectively improving the quality of nursing service. The satisfaction rate of patients has been above 98.5% for five consecutive years.

Third, actively promote the construction of nursing information. The mobile nurse station is introduced in each nursing unit of the hospital, and the information management of infusion check, nursing patrol, nursing record and patient treatment is realized by using PDA and barcode technology. Established nursing management system, infusion system, critical care system, optimize the service flow, improve the management efficiency.

We are committed to carrying forward innovation and giving full play to our unique advantages

It has actively carried out dialectical nursing and TCM specialty nursing, vigorously promoted the innovative application of TCM nursing appropriate technology in clinical practice, and the TCM specialty nursing technology has increased from more than 20 items 360,000 person-time in 2012 to more than 40 items 1.4 million person-time in 2016, which has been widely praised and praised by patients. It has actively carried out TCM health and rehabilitation exercises such as Baduan Jin and Brain fitness exercises, and held open classes such as magical TCM learning classes to enable the public to experience TCM culture and feel the advantages of TCM in chronic disease management.

As the leader of the National TCM nursing Program Cooperation group, I took the lead in developing four TCM nursing programs for dominant diseases such as epigastric pain, which have been widely used in TCM hospitals at all levels nationwide. The state Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine has comprehensively implemented 49 traditional Chinese medicine nursing schemes for dominant diseases issued by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, innovated and applied them in a pathway-based way, and carried out 5 scientific research projects with significant clinical effects, and communicated with each other in academic conferences for many times.

Strengthen academic exchanges and give play to radiative guidance

In recent years, it has successfully held more than 10 training sessions such as the 13th National TCM Nursing Academic Seminar, received more than 1,000 people for further study, organized nursing experts to go to the countryside for guidance for many times, and played a comprehensive demonstration, leading and radiation driving role in TCM hospitals at all levels in the province. Increase with international exchange views, and established long-term exchanges with South Korea kyung hee university school of nursing, and with Italy, Britain, the United States and other nations to establish a long-term cooperation relations, the excellent nursing personnel on a regular basis to participate in the international academic exchanges, to promote the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine nursing to the international stage has played a positive role.

Funiu will hold his head high when far, without the whip since the valiant feet. The nursing staff of Xi 'an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital will continue to adhere to the hospital motto of "honesty, professionalism, inheritance and innovation", provide high-quality nursing services for patients with scientific management, exquisite skills and extensive love, and compose a more brilliant new chapter of nursing career with enthusiasm and realistic and innovative spirit.

Work system of nursing Department

The Nursing Department is the functional management department responsible for the care of the whole hospital under the leadership of the associate Dean of Operations or the Associate Dean of nursing.

1, under the specific auspices of the director of the nursing department, adhere to the clinical nursing work as the center, constantly improve the quality of nursing, to ensure the completion of clinical nursing, teaching, scientific research.

2. According to the annual plan of the whole hospital, do well the nursing work plan and the deployment of key work, which shall be executed after the approval of the director of the hospital, and the implementation shall be reviewed regularly.

3. Frequently go into departments and wards, adhere to the quality of nursing work, participate in and guide business activities, organize and coordinate the rescue and nursing work of a large number of emergency and critically ill patients. Do a good job in the management of outpatient, ward, emergency department, operating room, supply room and other departments, so as to gradually institutionalize, regularize and standardize them.

4. Urge personnel at all levels to perform their duties, earnestly implement various rules and regulations and technical operation routines, inspect and guide each department to complete the work plan.

5. Hold regular meetings for error analysis, timely investigate and understand the causes of all kinds of errors and accidents, study, analyze and deal with them together with the department, and draw lessons carefully.

6. Responsible for organizing, inspecting and arranging the professional training and technical assessment of nursing staff of the whole hospital, as well as learning and dealing with advanced studies and interns, and earnestly drawing experiences and lessons.

7. Responsible for the medical ethics education of the nursing staff in the hospital, and continuously improve the quality of nursing staff in a planned way from the perspective of ideology and business.

8. Be familiar with and master the professional technology, learning and thinking of nursing staff in the whole hospital, which is related to the life of nursing staff. Responsible for the deployment of nursing staff in the hospital, and timely put forward opinions on the promotion, transfer, award and punishment of nursing staff to relevant departments and leaders in charge.

9. Hold regular meetings of head nurses and head nurses of the whole hospital, summarize and arrange work, and regularly organize head nurses to learn from each other and exchange experience, so as to continuously improve nursing management level and nursing quality.

10. Review and adjust the declaration plan and usage of nursing products proposed by the head nurse of each department.

About Ning Yali, a nursing academic leader

Ning Yali, chief nurse, nursing discipline leader of Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, The state administration of traditional Chinese medicine five-year key specialty cultivation project director, national clinical nursing (TCM nursing) key college leaders, the world federation of Chinese medicine nursing, managing director of professional committee, TCM nursing professional committee of China association of Chinese medicine, deputy director of the committee, standing committee of the shaanxi provincial institute of nursing and the traditional Chinese medicine health care, director of the professional committee members, shaanxi province, senior professional and technical qualification review committee vice chairman, vice director of xi 'an care and nursing, director of the professional committee members, xi 'an nursing quality control of traditional Chinese medicine center, deputy director of xi 'an medical association medical accident appraisal committee expert panel members. Engaged in nursing work for more than 30 years, has rich experience in clinical nursing and nursing management, has published more than 10 papers in national, provincial and municipal academic journals, presided over 2 provincial and municipal nursing research projects, participated in 4 projects, published more than 10 nursing academic papers in core journals; Two professional books have been edited and six professional books have been edited by Shaanxi Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has been designated as a reference book for nurses in TCM hospitals in Shaanxi province.

Introduction to Director of Nursing Department, Ms. Gai Haiyun

Hai-yun gai, deputy director of junior &senior, shaanxi college of traditional Chinese medicine nursing supervisor of postgraduate, the xi 'an hospital of traditional Chinese medicine nursing department, director of the national clinical TCM nursing key specialty project director, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine "five-year" key specialty nursing foster academic heirs, as the world federation of Chinese medicine nursing professional committee director, the nursing professional committee of China association of Chinese medicine, the shaanxi provincial institute of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine nursing, deputy director of professional committee members, the shaanxi provincial institute of nursing of TCM nursing, deputy director of professional committee members, xi 'an institute of traditional Chinese medicine nursing, deputy director of professional committee members. Engaged in nursing work more than 20 years, has a wealth of clinical nursing and nursing management experience, has more than 10 papers published in core journals nursing, nursing scientific research subject on the provincial and municipal level two, in the topic 1 items, participate in topic 5 items, research achievements won thirdprize in shaanxi province scientific and technological progress 1 item 1, care of the national utility model patents.