Medical Section
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Work system of medical Department

1. Set up the idea of serving leaders, serving the first line of medical treatment and serving the masses, be honest, modest and prudent.

Deep department 2. Often, understand the listening, supervise and check the execution of all kinds of medical work system to carry out, especially heavy crisis, emergency treatment, difficulty and major surgery patients before and after treatment, found that urge to solve problems in time, application report submitted by the departments or asking questions, to solve the immediate solutions, cannot solve or not belong to the scope of official duty, shall reply in a timely manner and take the initiative to contact to the relevant authorities.

3. Organize at least one assessment of "three basic training" for medical personnel every year

4. Analyze existing problems and take corresponding measures and countermeasures. Weekly, monthly and quarterly random check and comprehensive check on the work quality of clinical and medical technology departments.

5. Assist the President and be in charge of the President's weekly meeting of directors of the organization Department; A quarterly meeting of clinical, medical technology department, technical committee and medical care quality management Committee shall be organized.

6. Every Monday morning, I will report to the dean in charge of the operation of medical work last week and ask for instructions on the work arrangement of this week.

7. Hold a department meeting every Friday afternoon to summarize the work of this week and discuss the work arrangement of the next week.

8. Attend other meetings convened by the school leaders on time, and adhere to the system of request for instruction and report.