Equipment Section
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Work system of Equipment Section

1. All medical equipment, instruments, instruments and sanitary materials belonging to fixed assets or low-value consumables in our hospital are planned, purchased, deployed, distributed, maintained and managed by the Equipment Department. Among them, the treatment equipment with traditional Chinese medicine characteristics should be purchased and satisfied preferentially.

2. All kinds of equipment, instruments, instruments and sanitary materials shall be purchased according to the spirit of document No. 69 [2004] of TCM issued by Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine on The Purchase of Medical Equipment and Sanitary Consumables.

3. The heavy and expensive instruments and equipment purchased should be checked and accepted by the leaders of the hospital and relevant departments. At the same time inform the archives department to participate in the unpacking work. The equipment Department is responsible for handling the claim in case of non-compliance.

4. All medical equipment and sanitary materials purchased or transferred must go through strict procedures of entering and leaving the premises to ensure that the accounts conform to the contents and accounts.

5. The scrapping, reimbursement, price change and transfer of all kinds of equipment and instruments in the hospital shall be handled uniformly by the Equipment Department, and other departments shall not handle by themselves.

6. Frequently go into various departments to carry out the detection, repair and maintenance of equipment and instruments. Carry out all kinds of equipment inspection and audit according to the relevant regulations of the superior.