Finance Section
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Work system of finance Section

1. Correctly implement various financial and economic policies, strengthen financial supervision, and strictly implement the Accounting Law to standardize accounting behaviors. Finance and accounting personnel should set an example, enforce the law, fight against embezzlement, theft and violation of the law and discipline.

2. Strictly implement price policies and charge reasonable fees. We will conscientiously organize revenues and strictly control expenditures, and exercise unified management over all economic revenues. Unplanned expenditures should be resolutely put an end to, and temporary necessary expenditures should be handled according to the examination and approval procedures.

3. According to the business plan, correctly and timely prepare the annual financial budget and the budget of special expenses, so as to ensure the needs of medical, teaching and research funds. Submit all kinds of accounting statements on time.

4. Strengthen the economic management of the hospital, review or participate in the drafting of economic contracts and agreements and other economic documents, strengthen prior supervision, and carefully check the implementation.

5. Strengthen the cash management, the cash received on the same day must be deposited in the bank. The borrower must obtain the approval of the leader of the competent department and the leader of the hospital, and go through the settlement procedures in time upon his/her return. If he/she fails to do so within two months, he/she may deduct the amount from his/her salary.

6. The financial department should cooperate with the relevant departments to manage the property and materials of the hospital, supervise the relevant departments to conduct regular inventory of the property, and prevent overstock and waste.

7. Timely clearing all kinds of creditor's rights and debts, preventing default and reducing bad debts. Keep all kinds of accounting data properly and go through the filing procedures on schedule.

8. Organize the political learning and technical training of accounting personnel, and be responsible for the assessment, appointment and allocation of accounting personnel.