Personnel Section
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Responsibilities of personnel Section

1. Responsible for the collection, sorting, filing and storage of the personnel files of the staff of the hospital.

2. Handling the file acceptance and transmission of personnel transferred out and in.

3. Responsible for the registration and reply of documents and correspondence.

4. Responsible for issuing personnel's political examination and filling in the form of political examination.

5. Revise the roster of all kinds of personnel of the hospital once a year to provide true and accurate personnel information.

6, adhere to the document management system, adhere to the confidentiality system.

7. Responsible for promotion and management of professional and technical personnel.

8. Responsible for the organization of national, provincial and municipal professional title registration examinations.

9. Master the distribution of all kinds of technical personnel in the hospital, and do a good job in information adjustment and statistics.

10. According to the establishment principle and in combination with the employment shortage of various personnel, timely propose the technical personnel deployment plan to the leaders of the hospital.

11. Responsible for the registration and assessment of workers.

12. Review staff attendance and inform the Finance Section of the payment of health benefits.

13. Responsible for the approval and management of the hospital's temporary staff plan, and regularly calculating and issuing the salaries of temporary staff.

14. Do a good job in annual labor audit of disabled persons.

15. Responsible for the registration of all kinds of leave, calculate the salary of sick leave and inform the finance department in time.

16. Responsible for the rewards and punishments for the staff of the hospital.

17. Responsible for the management of the salary fund for all staff of the hospital and the adjustment of salary change, regular grading and nursing age allowance, etc.

18. Dealt with the endowment insurance payment and changes of the staff of the hospital.

19. Responsible for the payment management of temporary employees' pension insurance, medical insurance and housing accumulation fund.

20. Handle the pension payment procedures of retirees in time.

21, completes the worker to die the funeral expenses, the pension application extends the work.

22. Responsible for all kinds of personnel statistics.

In accordance with the spirit of the relevant state documents, do a good job in the service and management of retirees.

24, according to the requirements of personnel system reform, the timely handling of staff retirement procedures.

25. Responsible for making retirement work plans, organizing proper visits and Tours for retirees and participating in various recreational and sports activities.

26. Keep in touch with and care about the living and health conditions of retirees, assist in solving relevant difficulties, and visit them frequently during their stay in hospital.

27. Offer condolences to retirees on a regular basis.

28, timely visit the retired cadres in hospital.

29. Regularly participate in activities of the retirement branch, and do a good job in communication and bridge work.

30. Assist the physical examination center to do a good job in regular physical examination of retirees.

31. Coordinate with relevant departments to handle the funeral affairs and aftermath of retirees.