Political Engineering Department
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Political and engineering responsibilities

1. Formulate the work rules and regulations of the department, improve the management system, and ensure the management quality and efficiency.

2. Responsible for drafting all kinds of documents and materials; The official documents issued by the department of the hospital in the name of the Party Committee and political engineering are numbered and proofread, etc., and the document processing business guidance is given.

3. Responsible for organizing and arranging various meetings and important activities of the Party Committee; To organize, together with relevant departments, various meetings held in the name of the Party Committee; Work together with relevant departments to do a good job in the reception of visits and visits by superior leaders.

4. Actively carry out investigation and research, collect various information and trends, timely submit information, put forward relevant work Suggestions, and provide references for the Party Committee to make decisions.

5. Comprehensive coordination; Supervise and inspect the implementation of the decision of the Party committee and the spirit of the meeting, and report the implementation to the party committee of the hospital in a timely manner.

6. Assist the responsible comrades in the office to accept letters from the people, receive visits from the masses and participate in handling emergencies.

7. Responsible for receiving, registering, receiving and sending, circulating, keeping, returning, destroying and archiving documents and materials of higher party organizations and relevant units outside the college; Responsible for the filing and filing of all kinds of documents and materials of party committee and political engineering.

8. Responsible for the daily work of the confidentiality Committee of the hospital.

9. Responsible for the management and use of seals of party committee and political engineering, seals of responsible comrades of Party Committee and letters of introduction of Party Committee.

10. Complete other tasks assigned by superior authorities and the hospital.