Hospital Office
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Hospital office work system

1. Responsible for the implementation of the administrative room rounds of the hospital leaders, arranged the administrative room rounds, and made records of the rounds.

2. Timely and conscientiously convey and deliver all kinds of telephone, fax and urgent documents. In case of emergency, it is necessary to timely report to the leaders of the hospital.

3. Strictly observe the confidentiality discipline, and do a good job in the receipt, receipt, registration, storage, utilization and filing of documents.

4. Carefully draft, check, print, copy and circulate the documents submitted and issued by the hospital. At the same time strictly implement the document printing approval system.

5. Warmly received visitors, kept office work logs, handled daily affairs, coordinated various departments and arranged leaders' cars.

6. Do well the work plan at the beginning of the year, the mid-term work inspection, the year-end inspection and evaluation and the summary of the hospital work.

7. Conscientiously complete all temporary work assigned by superior departments and leaders, and timely summarize and report.