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Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a first-class hospital of tertiary level, integrating medicine, teaching and research, national Demonstration Hospital of TCM, Xi 'an Affiliated Hospital of Shaanxi University of TCM, and designated hospital of provincial and municipal medical insurance. The hospital is a teaching hospital of higher medical colleges such as Shaanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jiangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Guangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition, the hospital also receives on-the-job training personnel from other sister hospitals, and undertakes training tasks for doctors in county-level hospitals and below. It is also a training base for TCM talents in Shaanxi Province.

The imaging Department of Xi 'an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, formerly known as the Radiology Department, was established in 1955 with the establishment of the hospital. After 57 years of efforts and continuous improvement and innovation, the imaging Department has made considerable progress. It is the center of modern large-scale medical equipment in the hospital and one of the important inspection and treatment departments in the hospital. In July 2012, the Department of Imaging was approved by the Municipal Health Bureau as a standardized training base for resident physicians specializing in medical imaging. The Imaging Department is summarized as follows:

I. Department management

The department has obtained the Radiology Diagnosis and Treatment License and the Large Equipment Configuration License according to law. The staff members are practicing according to law and have obtained various certificates such as medical Practitioner Certificate, Radiologist Work Certificate and Large Medical Equipment Work Certificate. All kinds of rules and regulations of the department have been established and improved, operation rules of each machine are in place, various emergency plans are complete, inspection instructions and medical procedures are eye-catching. The department is open 24 hours a day, report writing is standard, professional terms are used appropriately, diagnosis is accurate, compliance rate is high. Radiation protection facilities are complete, protective equipment for patients and companions is complete, all kinds of radiation equipment has completed the ENVIRONMENTAL assessment, data preservation is complete. All kinds of records are complete, such as: "Department Meeting Records", "Difficult case Discussion Records", "Follow-up records", "Group Video Records", "emergency value Report Records" and so on. The patient's data is complete and the image data is preserved completely. Carry out regular repair, maintenance and calibration of all kinds of equipment, and keep perfect records. Health records of radiologists should be established. Individual radiation dose monitoring should be carried out regularly according to regulations, and the monitoring results should be kept intact.

Ii. Personnel composition

There are 15 medical staff in the department, including 1 chief physician, 1 associate chief physician, 3 attending physicians, 6 resident physicians, 1 nursing supervisor, 2 technicians and 1 registrar, among whom 8 have a bachelor's degree, 3 have a junior college degree, 3 have a technical secondary school degree and 1 is studying for a postgraduate degree. The department has a strong technical force and a reasonable staff structure. All the medical staff have graduated from professional colleges and have been engaged in imaging major for years to decades with strong working ability and rich clinical experience and teaching experience.

Iii. Equipment configuration

Radiology department is divided into radiology department and CT room. Radiology department owns digital radiography (DR) produced by GE company, digital gastroenterology machine produced by Hitachi Company in Japan, dual-energy X-ray bone density measurement instrument from France and high-energy mammography machine from Italy. The CT room owns the SOMATOM Emotion6 multi-layer spiral CT machine produced by Siemens in Germany, which is equipped with independent laser camera respectively. The models are FUJIFILM Dry PIX4000, AGFA5503 and KODAK8150. PACS system was installed in the department to realize digital processing of imaging department examination and diagnosis and sharing of image data throughout the hospital.

Iv. Project development

The radiology Department now carries out the following items: 1. Routine X-ray photography of the whole body; 2. 2. Ordinary chest and abdomen fluoroscopy; 3. Gastrointestinal radiography, including esophagoesophageal barium meal radiography, upper gastrointestinal barium meal radiography, small intestine barium meal radiography, colon gas-barium double radiography, etc.; 4. Hysterosalpingography, intravenous urography, T-tube angiography, sinus tract and fistula angiography; 5. Defecography, colon slow transport test, gastric emptying test and other special examinations; Bone mineral density measurement; 6. 7. Mammography. DR machine is an advanced digital photographic equipment, which can reduce the dose of irradiation on the patient, make the film quickly, make the image clear, and adjust the brightness and contrast of the image and magnify the small lesions according to the needs of the disease.

The CT room now carries out the following items: 1. 2.CT enhanced scan can accurately display the blood supply of the inspected organs at different periods, find small lesions, and accurately identify various parenchymal visceral lesions; 3. Special CT examinations: such as CT arterial imaging (CTA), CT urinary imaging (CTU), etc. 4, is a powerful post-processing function, multiplanar reconstruction (MPR), curved surface reconstruction (CPR), surface cover display (SSD) and maximum density projection (MIP) and volume representation technology (VRT), etc., and for each direction to rotate 360 degrees, so as to achieve all-round observation, greatly improve the CT diagnosis and the accuracy of qualitative diagnosis. Also has the simulation endoscope, CT fluoroscopy and CT film and other special functions. 5. Clinical operations guided by CT: such as cerebral hemorrhage cone cranial drainage, chest and abdomen puncture biopsy, etc.

The above examination images and diagnostic reports are Shared by the whole hospital and the image data is stored permanently through PACS system.

5. Monthly workload

About 3000 X-ray examinations, 30 angiograms, 90 bone mineral density measurements and 10 molybdenum target examinations were performed in the radiology department every month. CT room was scanned about 900 times per month, which was increased by 10 times.

Vi. Teaching tasks

Every year, the Imaging department completes the internship tasks of postgraduate and undergraduate students in Shaanxi Province College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jiangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Guangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and receives the imaging department staff from Hua County Hospital, Lantian Hospital, Hua Shan Hospital and other surrounding county hospitals for further study. To undertake the training of clinicians in county-level hospitals and below.

Vii. Scientific research

Cooperated with the hospital to complete the clinical observation of the gastric emptying experiment of the gastroenterology department's "Moiling" medicine and the clinical study of the intestinal dynamics of the "Jiulong capsule"; The clinical observation and experimental research of "Zhengtian Pill" in the treatment of headache, the clinical observation and experimental research of the method of clearing heat and removing blood stasis combined with brain ultrasound in the treatment of ultra-early cerebral hemorrhage. The above scientific research has been successfully completed, achieving the expected results.

8. Published papers and works

The following works and papers have been published by the imaging Staff in recent years:

Publications: Practical Clinical Imaging Diagnostic Atlas of Hemorrhagic Stroke, fourth Military Medical University Press.

Works: the CT examination to the cause of sciatic nerve disease etiology diagnosis value ", "the diagnostic value of CT for subarachnoid hemorrhage, CT and MRI diagnosis of malignant meningioma, the 64 layer spiral CT scans of the spine and spinal metastases, the application of value", "the rectum thrust forward and the analysis of the correlation of pelvic floor structure, the young and middle-aged cervical X-ray signs of cervical spondylosis, the CT examination and diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma (with 90 case analysis), the CT diagnostic value of lung isolation within the nodules", "tong diarrhea hot mixture rectum drip for the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy observation.

Case report: "1 case of hiatal hernia found on chest CT Scan", "1 Case of secondary osteochondrosarcoma of chest wall".

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