Clinical laboratory
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The laboratory has nearly ten million testing equipment such as Beckman AU2700 automatic biochemical analyzer, Beckman chemiluminescence and special protein analyzer, automatic bacterial identification and drug sensitivity analyzer, Hissenmekon five classification blood cell analyzer and coagulation analyzer. Currently, there are 27 technicians, among whom 4 have senior titles and 8 have intermediate titles. Those with bachelor degree or above account for 22.2% of the general staff. Many papers have been published in provincial and municipal core journals.

The laboratory is divided into five professional groups: clinical examination, biochemical examination, immune examination, bacterial examination and blood bank examination, carrying out more than 400 routine, biochemical examination, immune examination and hormone examination. Comprehensive indoor quality control, participate in xi 'an city, Shaanxi Province, the Ministry of Health three levels of inter-room quality evaluation activities, good results.

All the staff of the laboratory are willing to serve you wholeheartedly!