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"On the treatment of disease, no treatment has been sick, this is called". To prevent the occurrence and development of the disease, the main idea is: prevent the disease before the disease, prevent the disease from changing, recover after prevention.

1. People who are in good health and have no abnormal signs and need to keep the best state; 2. Persons with a biased constitution and a tendency to suffer from diseases; 3. Obvious symptoms but no abnormal physical and chemical indexes; 4. Physical and chemical examination indexes are at the critical value, but have not yet reached the disease diagnostic criteria; 5. Stable chronic diseases, which need to delay the development and prevent complications; 6. Patients who have recovered but need to prevent recurrence; Or to recover from a serious illness, the body is weak after major surgery, need to further recuperate and recuperate. At present, we carry out traditional Chinese medicine constitution identification, health care guidance, TCM conditioning, cream prescription conditioning, medicated wine and medicated diet conditioning, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, scraping, ear points and other traditional Chinese medicine manipulation treatment.

At the same time, our department undertakes physical examination work, including group physical examination, individual physical examination, unit entry physical examination, student entrance examination and special work physical examination. Our department offers a variety of physical examination packages as well as individual physical examination packages.

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I. TCM constitution identification

Constitution of Traditional Chinese medicine refers to the comprehensive and relatively stable inherent characteristics of the human body in terms of shape structure, physiological function and psychological state formed on the basis of innate endowment and acquired in the process of human life. It is the human body personality characteristics formed in the process of human growth and development and adapted to the natural and social environment.

In 2009, The Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued the standard of Classification and Determination of Constitutions of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which divides TCM constitutions into nine basic types: mild constitutions, qi-deficiency constitutions, Yang-deficiency constitutions, Yin-deficiency constitutions, phlegm-dampness constitutions, damp-heat constitutions, blood stasis constitutions, Qi-stagnation constitutions, and special innate constitutions. Each constitution has its own characteristics. Our department has tongue - face - pulse physique identification system, operated by professional Chinese medicine doctors, combined with the examiner's self-perception, clinical performance and other information, four diagnosis and reference, to determine the individual physique, and give health care, conditioning guidance.

Second, the paste

Paste in our country has a history of nearly two thousand years, paste Fang Wenhua is the treasure of traditional Chinese culture, is a shining pearl in the treasure house of Chinese medicine in our country, it comes from han and tang dynasties, the Ming, in the past to imperial ouchi, dignitaries to raise raise colour, illnesses of luxury, with the development of The Times, improve people's living standard, the paste into the ordinary people step by step, as a unique form of medical treatment, health care, preventing disease of traditional Chinese medicine, become the first choice. The cream prescription has the comprehensive function of nutrition, tonic, prevention and treatment, and has obvious effect on improving physical condition, enhancing immunity, beautifying skin and delaying senility. Since the paste regimen takes prevention as the entry point and has more health care effect, therefore, the paste recipe has been an important means to cure disease.

1. Strengthen the weak

Every qi and blood deficiency, five viscera deficit, physical weakness or due to surgery, postpartum and major diseases, serious diseases, chronic wasting disease convalescent appear all kinds of weak symptoms, should tonic cream prescription, can effectively promote the weak to restore health, strengthen the constitution, improve the quality of life.

2. Resist aging and prolong life

The elderly qi and blood recession, lack of energy, lower viscera function, you can take a tonic ointment to fight senility. Middle-aged person, because the function of each viscera of the body increases with age and decline gradually, appear dizzy dizzy, lumbar ache leg is soft, god is tired force, palpitation insomnia, memory drops etc., complement cream prescription can enhance constitution, prevent premature senility.

3. Correct sub-health status

The paste prescription plays a significant role in adjusting the balance of Yin and Yang, correcting the sub-health state, and restoring the human body to the best state. Working in a fast-paced and stressful environment, many young people suffer from dizziness, waist acid, fatigue, early white hair and other sub-health states due to energy overdraft, and the paste can restore them to the normal state.

4. Prevent and treat diseases

List for patients with different conditions of paste do prevention cure, especially for the rehabilitation of cancer patients, easy to catch a cold repeatedly patients with low immunity, swallowing the centralizer cream AIDS medicine, not only can improve the immune function, and can be stored in the body is rich in nutrients, helps to prevent recurrence of next year, with the transfer resistance, cold prevention, strengthen the resistance. To control or reduce the recurrence of the disease, delay the progression of the disease, increase the tolerance of the body to the factors inducing the disease, reduce the toxic and side effects of western drugs, and improve the quality of life.

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