Special Outpatient
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Since March 17, 2014, the "special appointment clinic" has been set up. All the attending physicians are well-known experts, chief physicians or discipline leaders in each clinical department. Existing 13 experts in special outpatient visit, respectively kea wong, director of the physician, Wang Weiying chief physician, director Lin hai, PeiRuiXia chief physician, Xue Lujun chief physician, li-jun bai, director of the physician, fortune, chief physician, Liu Suxiang chief physician, pay for the sea, director of the physician, Shao Yanyan chief physician, Bai Xiaolin chief physician, Wang Defen chief physician, shao-bo wang, deputy director of the physician. Six of them are the academic heirs of national famous old Chinese medicine doctors, two are the academic heirs of provincial famous old Chinese medicine doctors, and five are postgraduate tutors. Since the appointment clinic was opened, 9,686 patients were served in 2015, and the number of patients served in 2016 increased compared with the previous year. The special consultation doctor has been praised by the patients for many times, and its medical service has been well received by the patients!

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