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Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine ophthalmology

The ophthalmology department of Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was established in 1959. It is an ophthalmology department of integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine that integrates clinical practice, teaching and scientific research. It is the key specialty of Ophthalmology of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shaanxi Province and the training base for postgraduate students of Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At present, the ophthalmology department of our hospital is the largest ophthalmology department in Shaanxi province, with the most complete TCM therapy, sub-specialty construction, personnel echelon, the most abundant TCM force, and distinctive TCM features.

At present, the department has 75 beds, with 1 inheritor of national famous old Chinese medicine academic, 6 inheritors of provincial famous old Chinese medicine academic, including 4 chief doctors, 3 deputy chief physicians, 1 master supervisor, 1 doctor, 7 masters. With the rapid development of medical technology, the construction of the department keeps pace with The Times, and the introduction of the most advanced ophthalmic equipment, technology and management mode at home and abroad has made the department develop rapidly and achieved remarkable achievements. Can provide a full range of eye examination and systematic diagnosis and treatment. After several generations of medical staff of unremitting efforts, in the department fully tap the Chinese traditional medicine, on the basis of experience, give full play to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment, combined with the development of modern ophthalmology, formed a unique method of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine diagnosis and treatment, and herb tea in Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine preparations vein was initiated to medicines and proprietary Chinese medicine, acupuncture therapy, ultrasonic therapy "quadruple therapy with traditional Chinese and western" to improve the clinical curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine, and innovative features of traditional Chinese medicine therapy. It has gradually formed a sub-specialty focusing on the prevention and treatment of fundus diseases by integrating Traditional Chinese and western medicine, dry eye disease and the prevention and control of low vision in adolescents, and formed dominant diseases such as "ischemic optic neuropathy, retinal vein occlusion, age-related macular degeneration and dry eye disease", with definite curative effects.

Existing corneal endothelial mirror, OCT, import department fundus fluorescence angiography, ultrasonic emulsification DORC glass cutting machine, machine, imported with electrophysiological instrument, computer vision, AB, intraocular pressure, super testers, refractometer, corneal topography instrument, slit lamp section before the camera device, avoid nasolacrimal duct mydriatic fundus camera, fundus laser machine, laser machine and other advanced full set of ophthalmic equipment.

By constantly summarizing the valuable experience of traditional medicine and combining with the new technology of modern ophthalmology, the department has gradually formed a unique new system of integrated Diagnosis and treatment of Traditional Chinese and western medicine. There are mainly: (1) all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine characteristic therapy for the treatment of various difficult eye diseases: including ultrasonic ion introduction, point injection, ear acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation, acupoint sticking, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation, common acupuncture, buried wire, etc. (2) All kinds of laser surgery: including laser lacrimal duct forming surgery, fundus retinal laser photocoagulation surgery, YAG laser posterior cystic resection, etc. (3) All kinds of external eye surgery and microsurgery: including eye plastic surgery, orbit, strabismus, cataract, glaucoma, vitreoretinal surgery, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine combined with intracellular injection of anti-VEGF drugs in the treatment of macular edema and choroidal neovascular diseases. And give full play to the advantages and characteristics of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, in the perioperative period to apply, promote the rehabilitation of patients' visual function, reduce drug side effects and surgical complications. The department continuously summarizes the clinical experience to develop a variety of hospital preparations such as cataract pills and Zengshi mixture, with remarkable curative effect.

The department has a strong academic atmosphere. In accordance with the requirements of the Department of Medical Administration of The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it participates in and takes the lead in the formulation of TCM diagnosis and treatment guidelines, plans and other standards and norms. She has communicated with others at large domestic academic conferences for more than 10 times, won 18 ministerial and provincial science and technology Progress awards, presided over 1 scientific research surface project of national Natural Science Foundation, participated in 2, and presided over and participated in more than 20 provincial and municipal scientific research projects. Obtained 5 invention patents. He has published more than 100 scientific research papers, including more than 30 papers in core journals. Chief editor or co-editor of 10 ophthalmic monographs.

Department continuously improve their innovation ability and the talent team construction, actively developing new technology and new project, give full play to the advantages and characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, adhere to the "patient-centered", continuously strengthen the service consciousness, improve the quality of services, from medical environment to the examination, treatment, nursing is the guiding principle of "patient-centered", make the patients' medical and needs ".

Care for health begins with the eyes!

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Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine ophthalmology

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