Reproductive and Infertility Department
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Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine professional and infertility professional introduction

Under the guidance of the Branch of Reproductive Medicine of Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the reproductive medicine clinic of Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is mainly engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of male infertility, female infertility and other related diseases, as well as the guidance and research of healthy birth and healthy birth. This discipline is one of the few reproductive professional disciplines in northwest China that mainly focus on Traditional Chinese medicine, combine Traditional Chinese and western medicine, and treat husband and wife together. It has male reproductive professional clinic and female infertility clinic under it. Now it has introduced the semen quality testing system, three-dimensional ultrasound examination, salpinx examination and other examination equipment. The discipline takes advantage of modern medical means, gives full play to the advantages of western medicine in diagnosis, takes traditional Chinese medicine treatment as the body, pays attention to the treatment of both body and mind, husband and wife in harmony, and combines Traditional Chinese and western medicine in diagnosis and treatment of infertility. On the basis of inheriting the valuable clinical experience of several generations of famous TCM experts, a set of treatment schemes with distinctive TCM characteristics have been formed. This subject existing chief physician 3, deputy chief physician 1 person, 2 people attending physician, resident 1 person, 3 master of medicine, many of them ccba learn to male reproductive medicine branch, the branch of traditional Chinese medicine of the academic committee, China sexology association of sexual medicine expert committee, the Chinese medical doctor association male combine traditional Chinese and western medicine experts committee of the standing committee and academic committee member, sexology association member of shaanxi province, shaanxi provincial institute of traditional Chinese medicine of Chinese and western medicine combined with male vice chair and so on, have high attainments in the professional field. Through continuous accumulation, the discipline has been widely praised in the professional circle and the majority of patients, and has also brought health Gospel to a large number of infertility families in northwest China.

Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine reproductive specialty and infertility specialty

Diagnosis and treatment scope


1. Idiopathic oligospermia, asthenia,


2. Idiopathic malformed spermatozoa;

3. Abnormal liquefaction of semen;

4. Immunological sterility;

5. Infertility due to sexual dysfunction;

6. Obstructive sterility;

7. Varicocele sterility;

8. Urogenital infective sterility;

9. Abnormal endocrine sterility.


1. Spontaneous abortion and recurrent abortion;

2. Ovulation disorder infertility caused by premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovary syndrome and luteal dysfunction;

3. Infertility caused by abnormal fallopian tube function, pelvic inflammatory disease and pelvic tissue adhesion;

4. Endometriosis, uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps;

5. Ectopic pregnancy;

6. Immunological infertility.

Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine reproductive specialty and infertility specialty

The traditional Chinese medicine characteristic treatment of male infertility

1. Traditional Chinese medicine rectal drip treatment

The therapy is composed of heat-clearing and detoxification, rewetting and toning, activating qi and blood circulation, removing blood stasis and pain-relieving, administered through anus, retained and absorbed by rectum, easy to operate, effective, without pain and toxic and side effects, and suitable for male sterility caused by bad semen liquefaction, high sperm deformity rate, and genitourinary infection.

2. Acupoint application

According to the theory of differentiation of symptoms and signs of traditional Chinese medicine, the application of traditional Chinese medicine to the specific points of the corresponding channels and collaterals, drugs through the skin from the surface, through the channels and viscera to regulate the liver and kidney, suitable for all kinds of idiopathic asthenospermia, oligospermia and sexual dysfunction caused by infertility.

3. Fuyang therapy:

With fuyang tank as a tool, it integrates cupping, moxibustion, massage, scraping and other treatment methods as a whole. Combined with local rubbing of external drugs, it can regulate qi and collaterals, warm meridian and relieve pain, and dispel cold and dampness. It is widely used for male infertility and various male diseases.

4. Other special treatments:

Acupuncture (body acupuncture, electroacupuncture, ear acupuncture, acupoint injection, etc.), moxibustion, massage, cupping and other treatment of male infertility and a variety of andrology diseases.

Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine reproductive specialty and infertility specialty

Infertility specialty features and advantages

1. Prevention and Treatment of Abortion with Traditional Chinese Medicine:

By improving luteal function and other immunological and endocrine regulation effects, the treatment of spontaneous abortion and recurrent abortion has a good effect on kidney deficiency, spleen deficiency, blood stasis and other types of fetal leakage, restless fetal movement and smooth fetal movement.

2. Reproductive endocrine and reproductive immunity regulation, menstruation regulation, ovulation promotion and pregnancy facilitation:

For ovarian premature aging, polycystic ovary syndrome caused by endocrine disorders, corpus luteum function is low, etc., give full play to the traditional Chinese medicine in the field of regulate the menstrual function, assisted reproduction, fetus features and advantages, combined with the advanced technology of modern medicine, adopts the combination of Chinese and western medicine, physical therapy, diet combination of comprehensive therapy, regulating menstruation, promoting ovulation, increase pregnancy rate.

3. Treatment of abnormal infertility in fallopian tube and uterus:

For tubal dysfunction, pelvic inflammation, pelvic adhesions and endometriosis and other factors lead to infertility, using oral medicine, traditional Chinese medicine injection, traditional Chinese medicine external treatment, Chinese medicine retention enema, Chinese medicine is medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) collapse stains, acupoint sticking, traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture points closed, the combination pelvic microwave therapy, Chinese medicine iontophoresis, improve the patient's fertility.

4. Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of ectopic pregnancy:

In patients with objective grading and staging of traditional Chinese medicine and syndrome differentiation of TCM, select treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, combined Chinese and western medicine treatment respectively, the operation methods of conservative treatment, maintain the integrity of reproductive organs, accord with standardization and individualization of modern medicine, human nature and the characteristics of minimally invasive, improves the success rate of conservative treatment, to ensure the patient's reproductive health has a good effect.

Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine reproductive and infertility professional clinic

Preparation in the reproductive department

Regulate the menstrual function piece

Kidney-nourishing blood-regulating meridian tablet

Dan Zhi Xiaoyao Mixture

Xiaozheng Analgesic capsule

Wen Jing Xiaotong tablet

Pelvic inflammatory disease I no party, Ⅱ party, Ⅲ, party, etc

Oral liquid for kidney resuscitation

Shenqi Digui concentrated oral liquid

Shuang Lai Tong powder

Enteric fluid for prostatitis