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The Male Department of Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is mainly engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and research of male sexual and genitourinary diseases under the guidance of the Sexual Medicine Branch of Chinese Sexology Association. After several years, the scale of the department has been constantly expanding. Currently, the department has a male sexual dysfunction diagnosis and treatment group, male reproductive disorders and prenatal and postnatal care diagnosis and treatment group, urogenital infection diagnosis and treatment group, male traditional Chinese medicine treatment group, etc., offering male comprehensive outpatient service, prostate disease outpatient service, reproductive specialist outpatient service, etc. Undergraduate course room 1 existing chief physician, deputy chief physician 2 people, 2 people attending physician, resident 1 person, many of them as China sexology sexual medicine expert committee, the Chinese medical doctor association male combine traditional Chinese and western medicine experts committee of the standing committee and academic committee member, sexology association member of shaanxi province, shaanxi provincial institute of traditional Chinese medicine of Chinese and western medicine combined with male vice chair and so on, is the domestic earlier engaged in sexual and urinary reproductive medicine professional backbone have high attainments in the professional field has professional academic papers published over 20 articles participated in book one

The department takes the traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment plan as the body, accepts the modern medicine method long as USES, pays attention to the body and mind to treat together, the Traditional Chinese and western medicine combination diagnoses and cures the andrology disease. In recent years, under the guidance of our leader, director of the yuci, study the motherland medicine, it summarizes the successful experience of predecessors the expertly, inherited male absorbed by all previous dynasties famous academic thinking, and according to the physiological and pathological characteristics of men, in combination with clinical practice, highlighting "chongyang theory" in the status of preventive treatment of male diseases, forming the unique academic thought of I treat male disease, constructed the "prevention and cure of fu Yang thrift, combination of physical and mental development" theory system, impotence, premature ejaculation, male infertility, male chronic prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia and other diseases of clinical curative effect are improved significantly.

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Introduction to the Reproductive Clinic

The male department of our hospital has a reproductive clinic, which is one of the few reproductive disciplines in northwest China that mainly focuses on Traditional Chinese medicine and integrates traditional Chinese and western medicine. At present, semen quality testing equipment and a variety of male infertility related testing instruments have been introduced to give full play to the diagnostic advantages of western medicine and the characteristics of treating male infertility by combining Traditional Chinese and western medicine. The discipline has accumulated valuable clinical experience of several generations of famous andrology experts of Traditional Chinese medicine, and has formed a set of diagnosis and treatment programs with distinctive Chinese medicine characteristics for male infertility. The department adopted various characteristic treatment methods, such as TCM internal medicine combined with acupoint sticking, acupuncture and moxibustion, TCM rectal dropping, and developed a variety of hospital preparations, such as "kidney resuscitation, Shenqi Guidi Oral liquid". For idiopathic oligospermia, asthenospermia; Idiopathic malformed spermatozoa; Abnormal liquefaction of semen; Immunological sterility; Infertility due to sexual dysfunction; Some of the dominant diseases in TCM, such as obstructive sterility, have unique curative effect. Through continuous accumulation, the discipline has gained extensive influence in the professional industry and the majority of patients, bringing health Gospel to the majority of male infertility patients in and outside the province.

Scope of treatment:

1. Sexual dysfunction: low libido, hyperlibido, erectile dysfunction, abnormal erection, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, no ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, painful ejaculation, pleasure, lack of sexual aversion and other uncomfortable symptoms associated with male sexual intercourse

2. Infertility: abnormal male fertility caused by various factors (such as oligospermia, non-liquefaction of dead semen, malformed sperm and idiopathic infertility)

3. Urinary and reproductive system infection: male prepuce balanitis, urethritis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, vasculitis, epididymitis, orchitis and other pathogenic microorganisms (such as chlamydia, mycoplasma, etc.) caused by urinary and reproductive system infection and sexually transmitted diseases.

4. Prostate diseases: prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, prostate tumor, etc

5. Male diseases: such as chronic pelvic pain syndrome, male adolescent dysplasia, male climacteric syndrome, penile cavernous fibrosis, scrotal eczema, testicular sheath effusion, spermatogonia, hematospermia, etc

6. Sexual health consultation and examination: sexual physiology, psychological morality, sexual health and marital psychological consultation; pre-marital examination and examination for men; male health care, etc

Andrology treatment:

1. "Fuyang series therapy" to treat common diseases in andrology.

2. Traditional Chinese medicine is dropped into the rectum to treat prostate diseases and other genitourinary infections.

3. Acupuncture (body acupuncture, electroacupuncture, auricular injection, acupoint injection, etc.), moxibustion, massage, cupping, etc. can improve male sexual function and treat common diseases in men.

4 rectal microwave with magnetic therapy, hyperthermia treatment of prostate hyperplasia, prostatitis, etc.

5. Treatment for premature ejaculation and desensitization.

6. Traditional Chinese medicine acupoint sticking combined with direct current ion implantation for the treatment of common andrology diseases.

Electrolysis for prostate diseases.

8. Treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation with negative pressure suction and magnetic therapy combined with traditional Chinese medicine fumigation.

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Traditional Chinese medicine rectal drip treatment of andrology diseases

Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods

Due to its special anatomical structure and complicated pathological mechanism, prostate disease is not effective with oral or intravenous administration alone. Traditional Chinese medicine enema therapy (one of the traditional Chinese medicine characteristic therapies) is to heat the prepared liquid traditional Chinese medicine to 38℃~40℃, inject it into the rectum and retain it. The permeability of the semi-permeable membrane through the intestinal wall is quickly absorbed, so that the prostate which is only separated from the intestinal membrane can have a higher drug concentration, so as to play a more ideal therapeutic effect. At the same time, it can avoid the first pass effect of oral drugs and the adverse reactions caused by long-term drug taking.

The main efficacy of the drugs used in this therapy is to clear heat and detoxify, reshui Tongling, qi and blood circulation, removing blood stasis and analgesia. It can promote the absorption of inflammatory substances, improve the gland microcirculation, increase the secretion function of glands, and make the local physical and chemical environment of the prostate tend to be normal. At the same time, slightly higher than the body temperature of the drug continued to act on the prostate, it has a certain physical effect of massage and local heating, more conducive to the regression of prostate inflammation. Thus, it can shorten the course of treatment, significantly improve clinical symptoms (especially local pain, discomfort, etc.), and greatly improve the clinical cure rate.

Indications: acute, chronic prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, chronic pelvic floor pain syndrome, prostatic hyperplasia.

Features: simple operation, little side effect, remarkable curative effect, no pain, etc.

Introduction of TRM-2S multifunctional prostate therapy apparatus

Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine andrology treatment 2

Trm-2s multifunctional prostate therapy instrument is the leading non-invasive treatment instrument in China at present. The instrument adopts a unique arc probe, integrates magnetic therapy, hyperthermia, massage and other functions into one, and adopts the combination of moving magnetic and static magnetic to treat prostate lesions directly through the rectum, with definite clinical effect.

Instrument performance: 1. Hyperthermia: stepless continuous adjustment at 38℃~50℃. 2. Magnetic therapy: combination of high speed moving magnetism and static magnetism. 3. Balanced vibration massage: the massage intensity can be adjusted.

Indications: chronic prostatitis, chronic pelvic floor pain syndrome, prostatic hyperplasia, seminal vesiculitis, etc.

Treatment principle: hyperthermia, magnetic therapy (magnetokinetic + magnetostatic), simulation of human finger massage. Various types of prostate diseases mainly due to long-term inflammatory cell infiltration, gland duct drainage is not smooth. Stasis of secretion caused a series of clinical symptoms. TRM - 2 s type multifunctional prostate therapeutic apparatus on magnetic therapy, the effect of heat treatment, detumescence, promote inflammation dissipation effect, effectively relieve local muscle smooth muscle spasm, reduce muscle tension and sensory nerve excitability, improve local blood circulation and nutrition, accelerate the absorption of inflammatory exudate, reduce inflammatory swelling of nerve tissue compression, correct caused by ischemia, hypoxia, edema and pain caused by material gathered pain; At the same time, thermal therapy and simulated human finger massage can achieve the therapeutic purpose by dreding the outflow channel of prostatic fluid for the symptoms of poor drainage of glandular tube, urination hesitation, weak urine flow, perineal, penile, lower abdomen, urethra pain caused by stagnant secretion.

Efficacy evaluation: Through clinical observation of dozens of comprehensive third-grade a hospitals and thousands of patients, the instrument showed an effective rate of 89.7% for prostatic hyperplasia and a total effective rate of 86.2% for chronic prostatitis. The recurrence rate was less than 10% after 2 years of follow-up. It is especially effective for non-bacterial prostatitis and prostatitis pain, especially for chronic patients with no obvious effect of drug treatment, the symptoms can be quickly alleviated; It has obvious therapeutic effect on infertility caused by chronic seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis, and can promote the dissipation of inflammation and improve semen quality. In BPH, this treatment can improve urinary obstruction and slow the progression of BPH.

Andrology paste recipe

-- Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine male special diagnosis and treatment 3

Male sexual function and reproductive function are the weathervane of physical and mental health, sensitive to the change of physical or mental state. It is one of the important clinical applications of TCM theory that timely conditioning after finding such problems is conducive to the early rehabilitation of physical and mental diseases.

Androgenic cream prescription for people:

In the field of andrology of Traditional Chinese medicine, there is a long history of applying ointment to regulate and recuperate the constitution, and a lot of clinical experience has been accumulated. Under the current social conditions, for the following male population, through the combination of physical identification and disease differentiation dialectically, the application of the paste formula has the effect of twice the result with half the effort:

1. Congenital deficiency and poor physical quality;

2. Students, manual workers and white-collar workers who are under great pressure from study, work and life and are overburdened physically and mentally;

3. Middle-aged and elderly men with various physical functions decreasing with age;

4. Those who cannot frequently seek medical treatment due to their long-term sub-health condition and need to adjust their physical condition.

Common male ointments adapted to diseases:

In the theoretical system of Traditional Chinese medicine, male sexual function and reproductive function are based on healthy physical and mental state. Whether the basic function can play properly is directly related to whether the kidney essence and kidney qi are filled or not, and closely related to the regulating function of the heart and liver as well as whether the lungs and spleen provide sufficient qi and blood. Therefore, the function of the five viscera is low or disorder can lead to different degrees of sexual, reproductive dysfunction or dysfunction. Most of the clinical hyposexual function diseases are caused by deficiency of vital energy, fire failure of vital door, spleen injury, depression and sadness, liver loss and drainage, and tendon loss and nourishment. But may also be due to too much food alcohol, fat sweet taste of the product, accumulation of stagnation does not change, get wet heat bet zong Jin caused by, thus leading to Yang things not. Because this sexual function is inferior cannot think to be kidney empty, also cannot fill a gas quite with tonic kidney medicine. Had better be treated by doctor dialectical hind, undertake recuperation according to actual situation is proper. The most common such as low libido, impotence, premature ejaculation, spermatozoa, spermatozoa, little spermatozoa, weak spermatozoa, dead spermatozoa and all sorts of symptoms that accompany appear, such as poor appetite, lack of power, shortness of breath, limb is soft, fear of heat, fear of cold, excessive sweat, insomnia and so on deficiency and loss of performance are all indications of the paste prescription treatment.

General rules and Applicable population of andrology cream Prescription:

Kidney-nourishing essence: congenital deficiency or over-stimulation of acquired nature, kidney essence deficiency and energy deficiency;

Soft liver and nourishing blood: long-term life pressure, poor mood, excessive thinking, insufficient liver blood;

Comfort: excessive effort, lack of heart, restless, restless night;

Invigorate the spleen and invigorate the qi: deficient temper, tired body, lack of energy, weak limbs;

Filling lung solid table: weak body susceptible, often sweat, lack of energy, short of breath, fear of the wind afraid of cold.

In fact, the cause of sexual dysfunction syndrome is not a single, not so simple machinery, often often a variety of reasons together, false and false mixed, which is more need to paste prescription conditioning. Because the paste prescription is usually composed of 30 or 40 traditional Chinese medicines, different combinations of traditional Chinese medicines can be used for various causes, and compared with the general prescription of Traditional Chinese medicine, it has more room to play in the treatment. Experts pointed out that, from the current situation of clinical treatment, paste prescription both symptoms and root causes, harmony between nature and man, slow and powerful, is indeed a good method of treatment and fertility decline.