Endocrinology Department
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Xi 'an branch was established in 1999, the Chinese medicine hospital endocrine disease is key specialty of traditional Chinese medicine in Shanxi Province, the department set up 20 years, under the guidance of the leader, director of the division of PeiRuiXia, created a unity, forge ahead, innovation, excellent team upwards, successively obtains "the shaanxi provincial workers pioneer", "xi 'an labor competition duty", "xi 'an youth civilization", "xi 'an hospital of traditional Chinese medicine civilization demonstration unit" and other honorary titles.

The department has set up general outpatient service, special disease outpatient service, expert outpatient service, special need outpatient service, national famous TCM Gao Shanglin studio inheritance outpatient service, 54 wards are set up, 75 beds are actually opened. The department also has TCM characteristic therapy room, health education education classroom, national famous TCM Gao Shanglin academic experience inheritance studio, Gao's school of Internal Medicine inheritance studio, Mi's school workstation and other clinical, teaching, scientific research and inheritance studios with strong TCM characteristics. Reasonable talent echelon, 29, the existing staff Bai Xiaolin, deputy director of the department director PeiRuiXia, head nurse rollinwang, including shaanxi province traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), xi 'an 1 person, supervisor of postgraduate, 2 person, Dr. 1, master 8, 7 name old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine academic successors, seven senior titles, intermediate title 8 people, primary title 14 people. He has published more than 60 papers on core journals and 13 monographs. Completed and researched more than 10 provincial and municipal scientific research projects, and won 5 provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements and awards.

Department there is a bed beside the glucose meter and professional networking detection system, dynamic blood sugar monitoring, insulin pump, dynamic blood pressure monitor, ecg monitor, dynamic ecg HOLTER, diabetic foot diagnosis case, diabetes therapeutic apparatus, far-infrared diabetic foot therapy apparatus, dynamic stomach electrointestinogram instrument, the air pressure wave treatment equipment and other advanced specialized examination equipment. Chinese medicine fumigation and washing, Chinese medicine ion introduction, rectal dropping, acupoint injection, acupoint sticking, bean embedding, acupuncture, cupping and other traditional Chinese medicine characteristic treatments have been carried out. In the diagnosis and treatment, a complete and continuously improved characteristic diagnosis and treatment scheme of Chinese medicine and integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine has been formed, and satisfactory clinical efficacy has been achieved. In addition, we have professional diabetes nurses to regularly carry out health education and exercise treatment for diabetes patients, so that patients really grasp the prevention and control of diabetes, monitoring and other relevant knowledge.

Scope of treatment:

Endocrine diseases: diabetes and various complications, thyroid diseases, adrenal diseases, hypothalamic diseases, menopausal syndrome, osteoporosis, gout and hyperuricemia, abnormal puberty, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, obesity, acne, chloasma, etc.

Features and Advantages:

1, we inherit the national Chinese medicine high on Lin, director of the physician "and" thought, combined with the collateral of Yin deficiency, hot and dry for the underlying pathogenesis characteristics, puts forward the syndrome differentiation and disease knowledge, and treat people "the trinity" the guiding ideology of "quadruple therapy" and diabetes, give full play to the special advantage of TCM, syndrome differentiation and treatment of patients with individualized, using traditional Chinese medicine medicinal broth and hospital treatment of clinical common diabetic chronic complications, such as diabetic nephropathy, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, diabetes gastrointestinal lesions, such as diabetic lower extremity vascular lesions, improve clinical symptoms and related indicators, effective prevention and treatment of complications, Satisfactory curative effect was obtained and the patient was praised.

2. Multiple chronic complications of diabetes are treated by using diabetes therapeutic apparatus combined with traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory.

3. 3C therapy strengthens the control of diabetes.

4. Acupuncture, cupping, acupoint sticking and ear-point burying beans to treat chronic complications of diabetes.

5. Hospital preparation Danxinjiangtangtongmai Capsule for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy, diabetic peripheral vascular lesions, peripheral neuropathy, etc.

6. Hospital preparation Jingxin Yinnian Tablet for the treatment of various symptoms before and after menopause.

7. Hospital preparation yangyin Pingjia Tablet for the treatment of hyperthyroidism.

8. Hospital preparation yinhuagout granule for the treatment of hyperuricemia, combined with external use of xiaozhitong ointment for the treatment of acute gout attack.

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