National Medical Museum
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National physician pavilion was founded, in order to highlight the characteristics of TCM, a specialist expertise, provide patients with high quality and quick and simple test of TCM diagnosis and treatment services for the purpose, in order to promote the heritage and development of traditional Chinese medicine as the core, actively carry out medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care services of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine experience collected, mining research, exchange, popularization and application, etc, to protect people's health, to carry forward the traditional Chinese medicine culture, inheriting doctors experience has made a positive contribution.

There are about 50 resident experts with senior professional titles, including 3 experts enjoying the Special allowance of the State Council, 1 expert of Shaanxi Province and 1 expert of Xi 'an City. There are 6 mentors for the second, third and fourth batch of academic successors of old Chinese medicine in the museum, and 9 mentors for the first, second and third batch of academic successors of old Chinese medicine in the province. Inside most experts have important positions in a variety of academic and professional committee, such as provinces, cities and society vice-chairman of Chinese medicine, academic committee, vice chairman and members, such as core journal editors, they hosted a number of research projects and achievements won many national and provincial awards, greatly enhance the academic level of the hospital. , since the building of the library at all levels of the old Chinese medicine academic successors instructors teaching academic successors and clinical graduate students a total of 69, has graduation 42, most of these academic successors and clinical graduate students was the director of hospital clinical departments each, part-time professor, associate professor, deputy director of shanxi college of traditional Chinese medicine, tutor, and a leader, to become the backbone of the hospital medical treatment, teaching, scientific research strength, the museum experts through their tireless efforts and hard work, the inherit and carry forward to the traditional Chinese medicine has made great contribution.

Gymnasium is equipped with internal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine (including liver, heart, kidney disease, respiratory, digestive, tumor, brain), surgery, orthopedics, massage, gynecology, pediatrics and other professional, attracted traveled across the country, patients, MenZhenLiang more than 70000 person-time, create direct economic benefits of more than 500 ten thousand yuan, has obtained the good social benefit and economic benefit, social widespread praise from all walks of life.

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