Orthopaedic Trauma Joint Ward 1
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In order to keep improving on the technology and serve the patients better, the joint section of orthopedics and traumatology department of our hospital was formally established under the direct care of the hospital leaders. The joint section has a history of more than 20 years for the treatment of bone and joint diseases, and there have been many well-known experts in orthopedics and traumatology department. The ward has 1 chief physician, 2 associate chief physicians, 1 attending physician and 3 resident physicians, who are good at treating various degenerative osteoarthropathy, traumatic osteoarthropathy, synovitis, femoral head necrosis, periarthritis of shoulder, bunion, rheumatoid arthritis, various fracture, dislocation and other diseases. Especially in the treatment of knee, hip, shoulder joint disease has a unique, the application of integrated Traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment of fracture, dislocation, remarkable curative effect. In the comprehensive treatment of various femoral head necrosis, osteomyelitis, unique. Our department in the northwest region of the first "refueling the joint" therapy for the majority of patients brought good news; I scientific research system of activating collaterals pain-killing paste, synovial paste, drop beat pain-killing paste and other external plaster, the curative effect is remarkable, enjoying a good reputation in and out of the province. Our ward has undertaken many provincial and municipal projects, and published many academic papers in national and science and technology source journals.

The joint department of The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has now become the only "joint disease treatment supermarket" in northwest China, enabling patients to enjoy high-quality medical services from the "characteristic conservative therapy of Traditional Chinese medicine" -- "arthroscopic surgery combined with conservative therapy" -- "joint replacement surgery". The ward is now skilled in arthroscopic minimally invasive surgery, total knee and hip, half hip replacement, minor incision orthopedics, open reduction and internal fixation of various fractures.

Department features:

1. Traditional Chinese medicine Fumigation prescription combined with arthroscopy in the treatment of osteoarthropathy of the knee.

2. Traditional preparation synovial paste, 808 ointment comprehensive treatment of all kinds of synovitis, joint trauma.

3. Traditional splint combined with minimally invasive technology for the treatment of bunion deformity.

4. Traditional Chinese medicine conservative comprehensive treatment of femoral head necrosis.

5. Joint replacement surgery.

6. Prosthodontic and splint manipulation to repair limb fractures.

7. Excision and internal fixation for all kinds of limb fractures.

Outpatient consultation telephone: 029-89629120

Department outpatient service schedule:

Dr. Zhang Manchen: Wednesday morning

Chief physician xia Junqing: Tuesday morning, Thursday all day

Deputy Chief physician, Zhao Jun: Tuesday afternoon

Associate Chief physician: Osteoporosis clinic