Spleen and Stomach Disease Department
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Xi 'an spleen and stomach disease of hospital of traditional Chinese medicine is a medical treatment, teaching and scientific research in a body's comprehensive department, was founded in the early eighty s, after many generations experts work together to make the department face great changes have taken place, diagnosis and treatment technology continues to improve, by xi 'an science and technology commission, the city health bureau in 1998 approved for xi 'an key specialty of traditional Chinese medicine, 2008, approved by shaanxi province administration of traditional Chinese medicine for shaanxi province traditional Chinese medicine key specialty, 2012 approved by the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine for key specialty construction unit of spleen and stomach disease in TCM. The department has 40 beds and 23 medical staff, including 2 chief physicians, 4 associate chief physicians, 4 intermediate titles, 4 successors of old TCM academic experience, 2 tutors for master research and 5 postgraduates. Current department director and academic leader Huang Yahui, chief physician, professor, master tutor, famous Traditional Chinese medicine of Shaanxi Province. With strong technical force and outstanding traditional Chinese medicine characteristics, the department is equipped with advanced diagnosis and treatment instruments such as olimbas electronic gastroscope, colonoscopy, endoscopic microwave therapeutic apparatus, high-frequency electric knife, Helicobacter pylori detector, colonic lavage machine and so on. It has undertaken 12 provincial and municipal scientific research projects. Green traditional Chinese medicine characteristic therapies have been carried out, such as TCM point sticking combined with electromagnetic wave, TCM point pointer therapy, rectal TCM dropping, TCM gastrointestinal endoscope intervention, TCM point injection, foot bath, good guidance based on syndrome differentiation and acupuncture. Over the years, through the joint efforts of the general practitioners, we have accumulated rich clinical experience in the treatment of digestive diseases, with remarkable curative effect. Series developed by the drug "stomach kang capsule", "gastric dynamic spirit capsule", "ning capsule", "recalled the flat shu capsule", "spirit gastritis granule" and "colitis intestinal juice", "fast stomach liver slices", "purge oral liquid" and so on, obtained the approval document for the shaanxi provincial food and drug administration, the digestive disease curative effect is distinct, safe and reliable, and wins the trust of patients and patient covering shaanxi, shanxi, henan, sichuan, Inner Mongolia province and gansu province and other regions. Welcome all patients to consult and see a doctor.

Spleen-stomach Disease clinic Address: west of the second floor of the clinic building

Spleen and stomach Endoscopy room address: west side of elevator on the fourth floor of outpatient building

Address: 7th floor, Internal medicine inpatient building