Liver Disease Department
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Founded in the 1950s, the department was approved as a provincial key specialty by Shaanxi Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004 and a national key specialty by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2012. The specialty construction has a long history and is the first TCM liver disease specialty in northwest China.

For many years in Chinese medicine liver disease expert, national famous name old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine heir mentor Huang Baozhong Yang Zhen, chief physician, department of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to liver disease as the main research direction, pay attention to play the old expert academic and technical advantages, strengthen knowledge, and to strengthen teacher DaiTu way name old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine clinical experience and academic ideas of inheritance. At present, the department has formed a unique academic point of view and diagnosis and treatment program, with significant clinical effects and enjoys a good reputation in and out of the province. In recent years, the level of diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases has been improved and the academic echelon has been optimized. The department has 12 specialists, including 5 chief physicians, 7 masters of medicine, 1 national outstanding research talent of Traditional Chinese medicine and 4 successors of famous old Traditional Chinese medicine.

At present, the department has a separate medical area with 40 beds and 2 modern intensive care units. Specialized subject is equipped with automatic biochemical analyzer, PCR instrument, electronic gastroscope, color B ultrasonic, noninvasive detection of liver fibrosis (FibroScan), and other equipment, can carry out various kinds of hepatitis virology index and biochemical examination, PCR quantitative examination, hardness of liver and liver fat content detection, specialized ultrasound, liver biopsy examination, esophageal and gastric varices examination and treatment. In the past 10 years, it has undertaken one national project, three provincial projects, and more than 10 municipal projects. It has obtained 4 achievements at all levels and developed 3 new Chinese medicine drugs for liver diseases. To develop a variety of hospital preparations such as Hegan Lispleen pills, Gan Yanqing pills, Chancroid flat tablets, compound antivirus granules, Jiangan oral liquid, etc.

Specialty of diagnosis and treatment:

1. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is mainly used to treat acute and chronic hepatitis, liver fibrosis, cirrhosis and its complications (upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage, hepatic encephalopathy, severe hepatitis, hepatorenal syndrome, etc.) with the combination of Traditional Chinese and western medicine. In addition to the conventional treatment, a variety of TCM comprehensive treatment, such as point injection, Chinese medicine sticking, Chinese medicine ion introduction, medium frequency pulse electric therapy, Chinese medicine rectal drip to improve the clinical efficacy.

2. Gastroscopy ligation of esophageal varices for the prevention and treatment of liver cirrhosis and upper gastrointestinal bleeding, and comprehensive TCM treatment of liver cysts, gallstones, cholecystitis, gallbladder polyps and other diseases.

3. Individualized diagnosis and treatment plan of integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine for fatty liver. Through a comprehensive diagnosis of the patients, objective evaluation of the condition, the treatment method is based on TCM syndrome differentiation, the combination of internal and external treatment, the use of TCM comprehensive characteristic therapy, highlighting the characteristics and advantages of TCM, the whole monitoring, systematic management, achieved satisfactory curative effect.

All medical staff of hepatology Department will provide you with good service with scientific precisionness and serious and responsible attitude.

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Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine liver disease Department

Noninvasive detection of liver fibrosis and quantitative detection of liver fat content were carried out

FibroScan ultrasonic diagnostic instrument using elastic imaging principle, through the probe axis a low-frequency vibration propagation velocity of elastic wave in the liver tissue fibers to determine the hardness of the liver, in the diagnosis of a variety of chronic liver disease, viral hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis, nonalcoholic fatty hepatitis and autoimmune liver disease, etc.) caused by the diagnosis of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis with good effect, has gradually become the alternative to liver biopsy of liver fibrosis diagnosis instrument. At the same time, the degree of ultrasonic attenuation in liver tissue can be used to measure the quantitative value of liver fat content, so as to provide more specific quantitative diagnosis and efficacy evaluation indexes for patients with fatty liver disease. The instrument has been approved for market worldwide, and has been widely used in Europe, South Korea, New York and other major countries in the world.

Advantages: Compared with the traditional liver puncture detection method, it has many advantages, such as non-trauma, convenient operation, high accuracy, good reproducibility, quantification of results, accurate grading, and repeatability.

Inspection time: Monday to Sunday 8:00am :0-12:00 PM 14:30-18:00 PM

Location: Ultrasound diagnosis room, 3rd floor, Hepatology ward, Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Contact: Liang Xiaoe, Ma Xiaofang

Note: This examination is not affected by diet. It can be done before and after meals.