Encephalopathy Department
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The Department of Neurology (Encephalopathy) of Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a national key specialty of Traditional Chinese medicine and a key discipline of Traditional Chinese medicine in Shaanxi Province. It has been successively awarded the honorary titles of "National Model of Female Civilization", "National Outstanding Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine Characteristic Nursing" and "Youth Civilization of Shaanxi Province". The department is equipped with expert outpatient service and general outpatient service, two wards, sleep center, vertigo center, a series of neurological function examination rooms, TCM characteristic therapy rooms and neurological function rehabilitation rooms, with 120 beds open. Set bed equipped with neurological intensive care unit (8), video of nystagmus electric figure machine, high-definition color transcranial doppler instrument, sleep more guide tester, electroencephalogram (eeg) and eeg topographic machine, a series of clinical psychological test software, dynamic blood pressure monitor, hypothermia brain protection instrument, Chinese medicine fumigation device, meridian therapeutic apparatus, cerebral ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus, neural function rehabilitation instrument series, multi-function neurological rehabilitation therapeutic apparatus, the constant temperature kerotherapy meter, the neural network reconstruction therapeutic apparatus, such as cerebral circulation therapeutic apparatus + magnetic therapy apparatus. , vice President of the department to wang xy, Lin hai director for academic discipline leaders, Lv Furong (a), director of the ward, Yang Lin two (2), director of the ward, a total of 60 people, and other health care providers, and deputy director of the graduate student teacher 2 people, 9 people senior titles, intermediate title 10 people, primary title 27 people, Dr. 2 people, master of 10 people. He has published more than 60 papers on core journals and 2 monographs. There are 6 provincial and municipal scientific research projects, and 4 ministerial, provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements and awards.

Specializes in the treatment of stroke, vertigo, neurosis (insomnia, depression, etc.), headache, facial paralysis, flaccid disease, epilepsy, fibrillation and other common nervous system diseases, frequenty-occurring and difficult diseases. The nerve function injury of apoplexy patients was treated in the early, acute and convalescent stages by eliminating phlegm and removing blood stasis, supplementing qi and relieving collaterals, combining acupuncture and moxibustion with modern PT and OT operation therapy, stroke exercise relearning, etc. The vertigo was treated by calming liver wind, resolving phlegm, clearing collaterals, and internal and external therapy. The treatment of insomnia, depression and other neuroses is based on the methods of invigorating Yang and kidney, soothing liver and clearing heart. Such as jujube Ann capsule in the preparation of 12, college Chinese medicine fumigation, Chinese medicine iontophoresis, drip into the rectum, Chinese medicine medicated bath foot, point injection and acupuncture points in the attach, buried beans, acupuncture point massage, acupuncture, cupping therapy 16, formed in the course of diagnosis and a set of relatively complete and continuous improvement of the characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine, combined Chinese and western medicine diagnosis and treatment plan and treatment. It has achieved satisfactory clinical efficacy and become a neurology department with extensive influence in Shaanxi province and even in northwest China.

Out-patient clinic: Clinic 1 (expert out-patient clinic) : 029-89626292

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