Department of Encephalopathy Ward 2
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The first ward of The Department of Encephalopathy of Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the national Key specialty of Traditional Chinese medicine, the key specialty construction unit of the 11th Five-Year Plan of The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the key specialty of Shaanxi Province of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Key specialty of Xi 'an City of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With a long history of discipline construction, under the leadership of professor Wang Jingyi, a famous Chinese medicine practitioner in China and a famous Chinese medicine practitioner in Shaanxi Province, TCM encephalopathy has always been the main research direction.

The department now has 40 hospital beds and 28 medical staff, including 5 senior, 5 intermediate and 18 junior professional titles, 1 national expert of old Traditional Chinese medicine, 2 academic experience inheritor and 2 provincial and municipal experts with outstanding contributions. Our department is a training unit for postgraduates majoring in encephalopathy in Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with 3 supervisors and 20 postgraduates successively. He has published more than 50 papers and 2 monographs in core journals. In the research of 7 provincial and municipal scientific research projects, the ministry, provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements and awards 4. The discipline research direction is clear, the traditional Chinese medicine has the outstanding characteristic, the teaching, the scientific research, the clinical overall level is high, the comprehensive strength is strong, has the certain radiation ability in the northwest area even in the whole country. The hospital attaches great importance to discipline construction and strengthens scientific management, which provides good medical treatment, scientific research and teaching conditions for the development of discipline.

Department in academic leaders jing-yi wang, under the guidance of professor wang xy, we in the traditional Chinese medicine encephalopathy theory research, as early as in 1992 put forward "phlegm wet clip stasis" is the cause of stroke, dizziness, and pathological product, in the aspects of "sputum", "stasis" interaction, with polyester sputum blood solution, for the first time in the world by means of advanced nuclear medicine, confirmed the phlegm wet folder stasis syndrome "in the important position of cerebrovascular disease, and polyester sputum blood medicine dizzy drink" "town of ischemia, the function of nerve cell damage, and confirmed that it is superior to the pure blood drug, Thus, it breaks the focus on "blood stasis syndrome" and "promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis" in the study of stroke and vertigo, and rectifies the situation that the theory of "blood stasis syndrome" and "the same source of phlegm and blood stasis" are relatively ignored, and the development of traditional Chinese medicines such as purgation of phlegm and dehumidification are ignored, which opens up an effective way for the study and treatment of stroke and vertigo. Through preparation reform our dazzling drinks in the town on the basis of the town being dizzy t2dm capsule was developed and approved by the state food and drug administration drug review, get state by the six types of new drug of TCM preparations for drug clinical research, has successfully transferred, has entered the stage of Ⅱ period clinical research. On the basis of preliminary observation and verification of small clinical samples, our department conducts experimental research with the help of modern scientific and technological means, so as to reveal the nature and characteristics of these diseases and symptoms and improve its theoretical research. By summarizing the syndrome characteristics of large number of cases and combining with the experimental results, an accurate, relatively complete and highly operable treatment and medication program was developed, which in turn makes the disease and syndrome of TCM encephalopathy tend to be systematized and standardized.

The department always takes "outstanding Characteristics of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine" as the base point and adheres to the stable development direction of specialty, forming four dominant diseases of stroke, headache, vertigo and insomnia, and establishing the diagnosis and treatment scheme of dominant diseases with prominent advantages of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, diversified treatment methods and positive clinical efficacy. Nearly three years through clinical curative effect evaluation, analysis of the difficulties in continuous optimization of the original, such as stroke, headache, dizziness, insomnia clinical diagnosis and treatment plan, and summarize and develop the post-stroke depression disease, fibrillation disease, chronic disease clinical diagnosis and treatment plan, establish the corresponding curative effect evaluation, the difficulties in analysis and optimization system, take an active part in national encephalopathy specialist for ischemic stroke, bleeding stroke clinical pathway of traditional Chinese medicine research, and applies "cure not ill" theory of a stroke disease, secondary prevention, formed the good curative effect and the characteristics of TCM characteristic clinical diagnosis and treatment plan.

Scientific research work also closely around "clinical problem solving" the center, in order to improve the clinical curative effect for the purpose, adhere to the combination of innovation and inheritance, through the construction of "shaanxi province famous old Chinese medicine studio", complete saved our encephalopathy name old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the valuable data, system to sort out its academic thoughts and clinical experience, at the same time carry out the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine encephalopathy, clinical evaluation, experimental research, theoretical mining for nearly three years the ministry of national, provincial bureaus research topic 3 items, winning two. In the decades of medicine, teaching, research to cultivate a rational structure, professional technology, strong unity and collaboration of the academic team. In recent three years, 21 master students and 3 teachers and apprentices were trained. The discipline research direction is stable, the traditional Chinese medicine characteristic is outstanding, the clinical, the scientific research, the teaching overall level is high, the comprehensive strength is strong, has the certain radiation influence in northwest area.

I division specializes in treating the following diseases: cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage (acute stage, recovery and sequelae period), dizziness, headache, facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, motor neuron disease, guillain-barre syndrome, Parkinson's disease/syndrome, myasthenia gravis, cerebellum atrophy, epilepsy, sleep disorders, anxiety neurosis, depressive neurosis, obsessive compulsive neurosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetic nerve system disease, motor neuron disease.

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