Anorectal Department
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Xi 'an Chinese medicine hospital anus bowel division was established in 1959, through the efforts of several generations, especially since 2002, the department improved hardware and software facilities, in June 2003 was named xi 'an health bureau for xi 'an key Chinese medicine anorectal specialist, xi 'an 10 menstrual health bureau approval, the same year officially changed its name to xi 'an hospital anus bowel disease. In July 2006, it was named as the key traditional Chinese medicine anorectal specialty in Shaanxi Province by the Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Health. In November 2007, it was designated by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine as the national "11th Five-Year Plan" key TCM anorectal specialty construction unit, and also as the deputy leader of the anorectal collaboration group and the leader of the anorectal coordination group, with direct cooperation units covering 21 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. In 2012, it was identified as a national key clinical specialty by the Ministry of Health. At present, it has developed into a large anorectal specialty in China with 4 wards, 2 comprehensive out-patient clinics and 1 anorectal physiotherapy center, with 160 beds and more than 3600 hospitalized patients annually. It is also responsible for the counterpart support task of 15 county-level hospitals and the clinical teaching task of postgraduate students in Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Department equipment advanced, strong technical force, in the province, both at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation.

There are 86 medical technicians in the department, including 5 with senior professional title and 28 with intermediate professional title. More than half of the doctors have master degree or above. Academic leader He Xiangdong, chief physician, professor of Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, tutor of postgraduate students, and "National Famous expert of Traditional Chinese medicine anorectal Discipline" named by China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Discipline leader Dr. Liang Jinghua is the director physician, vice President of Xi 'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, tutor of postgraduate students of Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, chairman of anorectal Professional Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, chairman of anorectal Professional Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Health Care Association, and chairman of anorectal Professional Committee of Xi 'an Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. ZhaiWenHui, director of the department deputy chief physician, director of the ward ShaJingTao physicians, deputy director of the chief physician, lee had Sun Linmei attending physician has rich clinical experience, under the guidance of them, the department has trained a medical team with consummate technique, noble medical ethics, accumulated millions of cases of surgical experience, summed up a set of effective treatment of anorectal diseases of Chinese and western medicine combined with clinical scheme, in the diagnosis and treatment in patients with anorectal diseases, complicated and critical patients have a wealth of experience

The department is currently under research on 4 national, provincial and municipal issues, chief editor of 3 monographs. He has published and guided more than 60 professional papers in provincial-level or above journals, and sponsored more than 50 national, provincial and municipal continuing education projects for anorectal specialty. Equipped with copper ion electrochemistry therapy apparatus, ecg monitoring instrument, automatic slimer made in Spain, Olympus electronic colonoscopy, anorectal pressure system, defecation imaging system, Germany's Siemens SOMATOM definition Emotion 6 multislice CT machine, Japan Hitachi digital X-ray radiography machine, digital gastrointestinal machine, large c-shaped arm, automatic biochemical analyzer, anorectal microwave therapy apparatus, electronic anorectal therapeutic apparatus, electronic Chinese medicine fumigation chair and large ford fully functional and first-class equipment such as medical service.

Special diagnosis and treatment diseases: complex circular mixed hemorrhoids, high complex anal fistula, anorectal abscess, old anal fissure, rectal prolapse, congenital anorectal malformation, anal stricture, rectal cancer, anal eczema, anal sinusitis, constipation and various difficult diseases in anorectal department.

The hospital characteristic preparations include: hemorrhoid yanling concentrated solution, hemorrhoid rinsing ling, Hemorrhoid Fistula Xiaowan, Xiaozhitong ointment, Huafu yanhua ointment, Shengji Yuhong ointment, Jiuhua ointment, Pu Huang Hemostatic powder, Shengji Powder and other series of Proprietary Chinese medicines.

The department adheres to the concept of "people-oriented", gives play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine characteristics, and enthusiastically serves the majority of patients.

Contact number: 029-89626283.