Dermatological Department
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Xi 'an hospital dermatological department of traditional Chinese medicine was founded in 1979, the current director of wei-ping wu, director of the physician is China, Chinese physicians dermatosis branch committee member of China association of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine skin beauty branch committee, external treatment branch member, shaanxi branch committee member medical aesthetics, traditional Chinese and western medicine skin branch, deputy chairman, four existing department chief physician, associate chief physician 1, four attending physician, deputy director of junior &senior 2, the nurse one.

The department is characterized by the combination of modern and traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods, combined with a variety of external treatment methods, laser technology and surgery, in the diagnosis and treatment of dermatosis, hair loss, skin cosmetology, peripheral vascular disease, chronic skin ulcer and other aspects, has a unique effect and role. The professional and technical advantages of the department are prominent in the following aspects:

1, Dermatology: the application of modern dermatology diagnosis technology and traditional Chinese medicine viscera and channels, syndrome differentiation of treatment, internal and external combination of comprehensive treatment technology, for all kinds of dermatitis, eczema, chronic urticaria, neurodermatitis, fungal disease, erythema, herpes zoster, flat warts and other treatment has a unique effect. Especially for difficult skin diseases, such as psoriasis, scleroderma diagnosis and treatment has more rich experience and better curative effect.

2, chronic skin ulcer: over the past 20 years, the department has accumulated rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of skin ulcers, especially for postoperative wound healing, vasculitis varicose ulcer of lower extremities, furunculosis, carbuncle and other infectious skin diseases have a significant effect.

3, peripheral vascular disease: combined Traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment of venous thrombosis, deep and superficial phlebitis, venous thrombosis, thromboangiitis obliterans, limb arteriosclerosis obliterans and other peripheral vascular diseases, significant curative effect, high visibility.

4. Skin cosmetology major: The "triple combination" method of Traditional Chinese medicine is adopted to treat various types of acne (acne) and related skin diseases, with outstanding clinical efficacy. The use of TCM internal and external technology to treat chloasma, freckles, vitiligo, warts and nevus, telangiectasia (red silk), syringoma, hair loss, alopecia, skin and hair anti-aging maintenance conditioning, wrinkle and other skin beauty business is developing day by day.

5. Other skin diseases.

All colleagues of dermatology are united, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, and serve the society with their dedication and perfect professional spirit.

Department Consultation Telephone:

Department consultation tel: 029-89626303

Division Director Tel: 13379282930

Department outpatient service schedule:

Wu Weiping chief Physician: Tuesday afternoon, Thursday morning, Friday morning, Sunday morning (telephone appointment)

Tian Runan, chief physician: Monday morning, Wednesday all day, Friday afternoon

Wang Liangli, Chief physician: Friday morning

Lu Xiao, deputy chief physician: Monday, Tuesday morning, Thursday all day

Jing Huiling attending physician: Saturday afternoon

Hou Xinan Attending physician: Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Friday afternoon, Tuesday afternoon

Jiang Zhenggang Attending physician: Monday afternoon, Wednesday morning, Friday morning, Sunday afternoon

** Outpatient service hours are subject to the latest update of the hospital.